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Jumpsuits: Love’Em or Hate’Em

Awhile back I wrote a blog post about high waist jeans (High Waist Jeans: Love’Em or Hate’Em) and I received a huge response from my readers all voicing their opinions and it looks like the jumpsuit/romper/cat suit may be the high waist jean of this season. Jumpsuits, short and long versions, were all over the runways for spring and summer and have since popped up on the pages of every glossy fashion magazine as well as making appearances in retail stores.

My question is, what do you think? Are they cute? Trendy? Will you actually buy one and wear it in public? or Do you think they are silly? 

I suppose I fall into the latter category, as a fashion person I admire designers resurrecting old silhouettes and attempting to make them new and fresh to give shoppers something new to buy and wear, but I actually think they are just silly. They look great on models posing for fashion magazines and trendy celebrities wearing them to get attention but on an everyday person they just look silly. Could you really see a mom going to pick up her kids from school in a jumpsuit paired with a waist cinching belt, sky high heels and large sun hat or a professional woman wearing a jumpsuit to a board meeting asking people to take her seriously? I am not saying these women can’t look trendy and fashionable but a jumpsuit is so not the way to go.

Long jumpsuits have the unfortunate side effect of making your bottom look long and flat and shorter romper jumpsuits come off as very juvenile making them very hard for most people to wear. Plus they making going to the bathroom difficult, if you have ever wrestled in or out of a jumpsuit you know what I am talking about. I think they are going to be a short-lived one hit wonder especially in this economy when people are looking for more value for their money.

Let me know what you think? Love’Em or Hate’Em?

ShopBop has a created a category for jumpsuits and has a large selection:



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Label Love Black Halo

Black Halo stormed on to the fashion scene a little more than a year ago becoming an instant favorite among fashion editors and celebrities, showing up on celebrities from Brittany Spears to Kelly Ripa to Eva Mendes and so many more. Black Halo is designed by Laurel Berman and is known for infusing modern architectural simplicity into each garment. Black Halo pieces are form-fitting, instantly classic and appeal to everyone. Extra attention is paid to tailoring that is flattering to the female form and when combined with exquisite fabrics it makes for the perfect dress.

I have been drooling over Black Halo’s infamous Jackie dress since it first appeared and just recently had an excuse to buy one of her dresses and when it arrived yesterday from Cusp I fell in love. The quality and fit of the dress are superb and I would recommend a Black Halo dress to anyone! Black Halo is available online at www.cusp.com, www.revolveclothing.com and www.thehipchick.com. Check out their website to find a local retailer by clicking here.

Black Halo Jackie Dress

Celebrities Wearing Black Halo

The Black Halo Dress I bought


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