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Up On A Platform

I recently had a fashion company fall pretty hard from the platform that I put it on. I have constantly drooled over every pair of Louboutins I saw, hoping, dreaming and wishing I would soon own a pair of these gorgeous red-soled pieces of art. My husband surprised me with a gorgeous pair of Louboutins for my birthday and I was instantly in love until I slipped them on my feet. They were achingly uncomfortable and hard to walk in (I have been walking in heels since I was a little kid, when I would steal them from my mom’s closet) and just knew I would have to send them back. So after two weeks of repeatedly trying them on and hoping they would get more comfortable I made the sad decision to send them back.

But all is not lost, I have discovered two amazing pairs of shoes that mimic the look of Louboutins, minus the red soles but they fit better and are way more comfortable. If you are Louboutin fan but don’t like how they fit or can’t afford the ridiculous price tag check out the Platswoon and the Peekpump by Stuart Weitzman. Both styles are super elegant, well designed, wear with anything shoes that you can walk in! Available at www.zappos.com.

The Stuart Weitzman Platswoon

The Stuart Weitzman Peekpump

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In The Nude (Shoes)

Nude or tan shoes were all over the place in Las Vegas, in store windows and on the feet of very fashionable women and have also been popping up on many a celebrity. So what do all these women know that I don’t? Up until now I was always so so on tan shoes, kind of blah and kind of boring but I decided to give them a try and slipped my pedicured toes into a gorgeous pair of nude peep toe Christian Louboutin’s.

I stood up and wandered my way over to a full length mirror and wow I was hooked, I had to have them! They instantly made my legs look longer and sleeker. They also go with everything in my closet especially soft pastel colors that I refuse to wear white shoes with but are too soft for black or dark brown. Nude shoes also look sleek and sophisticated paired with black. If you have not jumped on the nude bandwagon I would highly recommend it, but when shopping for your pair look for styles with a 3 inch or higher heel (it helps lengthen the leg) and peep toes (keeps them from looking stuffy and adds a shot of color when your painted toes peek out). You will be surprised how much you will wear them!

The gorgeous Christian Louboutin’s that changed my mind about nude shoes (the red sole certainly helps). Available at www.footcandyshoes.com.

Ways to wear nude shoes:

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