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Label Love Black Halo

Black Halo stormed on to the fashion scene a little more than a year ago becoming an instant favorite among fashion editors and celebrities, showing up on celebrities from Brittany Spears to Kelly Ripa to Eva Mendes and so many more. Black Halo is designed by Laurel Berman and is known for infusing modern architectural simplicity into each garment. Black Halo pieces are form-fitting, instantly classic and appeal to everyone. Extra attention is paid to tailoring that is flattering to the female form and when combined with exquisite fabrics it makes for the perfect dress.

I have been drooling over Black Halo’s infamous Jackie dress since it first appeared and just recently had an excuse to buy one of her dresses and when it arrived yesterday from Cusp I fell in love. The quality and fit of the dress are superb and I would recommend a Black Halo dress to anyone! Black Halo is available online at www.cusp.com, www.revolveclothing.com and www.thehipchick.com. Check out their website to find a local retailer by clicking here.

Black Halo Jackie Dress

Celebrities Wearing Black Halo

The Black Halo Dress I bought



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Clear Out The Clutter

Yesterday’s blog post, Fall Forward, was full of great tips for how to ease your way into fall and after I published it I remembered one more great tip to help you get ready for the new season and also clear out the clutter in your closet.

One of the greatest tricks I was ever taught was to go through all your in season clothes at the end of that season. This works better because you still have a clear picture in your mind of what you wore and what you didn’t. Go through all of your spring and summer stuff and if you did not wear a particular item this season get rid of it because chances are if you didn’t wear it, you won’t wear it next year. The one exception to this would be items that no longer fit and you want to hang on to them on the off chance you may gain or lose weight and it is probably best to box these items up or put them in another closet so they don’t crowd what you are currently wearing.

Another great idea is to write down items that you are needing to complete an outfit, say you have a great skirt but need a coral tee to go with it, if you have a running list of items you need you can keep an eye out for them when you are shopping. This is a great idea to do for your entire wardrobe. Make the most of your closet!

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Top Ten Trends for Fall-Fall Florals

It is a rosy outlook for fall! Fall fashion tends to be more moody than spring fashion, but this season designers were not quite ready to let the flowers fade. Don’t be a wallflower for fall; stand out instead by donning a bright, abstract floral print.

Tracy Reese

Michael Kors

Oscar de la Renta

Sari Gueron

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Top Ten Trends for Fall-Statement Coats

Designers must be anticipating a cold winter because statement coats were all over the runways. So, this season instead of buying a boring basic coat opt for one that stands on its own with a unique color or print or special detailing. Vintage looking faux fur coats will add a kick to you closest and score points for coolness. Not only will a statement coat keep you warm it will look extremely fashionable in the process.


Alice & Olivia

Michael Kors

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