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Denim Digs

If denim is the mainstay of your wardrobe then you will be thrilled to see Net-A-Porter’s new online denim boutique. It is well stocked with great denim and well organized by size, fit, body type and style. They also have great editorial about denim that includes a fit guide by body style (boyish, long legs, petite, hourglass and curvy) that suggests styles to try as well as a section on how to care for your denim once you have found the perfect pair.

But what makes this denim boutique stand out from other online shops, is it’s measuring guide that tells you exactly how to measure yourself to find the right size and when you click on each pair of jeans you can click on it’s very thorough measurements and compare them to yours to see which size will fit you the best. You can also compare the measurements to those from your favorite pair of jeans. Jean shopping made simple! Available at www.net-a-porter.com.

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How To Wear Boyfriend Jeans

Slouchy, rolled to the ankle boyfriend jeans have taken the denim fashion world by storm and are a definite must have for spring. They are instantly trendy but very comfy and perfect to wear as the weather heats up. Boyfriend jeans are meant to be worn loose and low on the hip so they look great on curvy and straight figures.

When searching for the perfect pair be prepared to try on lots of styles to get the one that works for you. It seems like every major denim line has a boyfriend style so start with brands you already wear and also give Current/Elliott a try, they are the company that essentially started the trend.

Boyfriend jeans are meant to be worn rolled to just above the ankle, so look for jeans that have a straight leg that is easy to roll. They are also meant to be worn loose and baggy but you don’t have to get so carried away, I bought my Current/Elliott pair just a tad loose. Take at least 3 different sizes of each brand and style into the dressing room with you so you can see find the most flattering pair.

Once you find the perfect pair, you will want it top them off with a fitted tee or tank or go super feminine with sheer chiffon blouse with or without ruffles. They also look cute with fitted cardigans and blazers. To balance the baggy masculine look add bold girly jewelry like layers of pearl necklaces or bangles and wear them with sweet ballet flats, dainty flip flops, bejeweled gladiators or super high chunky heels.

Cute boyfriend jeans from www.jcrew.com. I love how they paired them with a sequin tank and gold heels.

An elegant way to wear boyfriend jeans from J. Crew

Current/Elliott Boyfriend Jeans from www.shopbop.com

I love the Cropped Ex Lover jean from Joe’s Jeans, it is a bit shorter in length and is perfect for summer. Available at www.joesjeans.com.


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What’s In A Name

What’s in a name? My grandpa’s name was James as is my dad’s and my brother’s name and I married a James who thankfully goes by his middle name which is not James. So, it was no surprise that I was destined to love James Jeans, however not necessarliy for the name which is familiar, but for the amazing fit.

I finally went through my closet and tried on every pair of jeans I own and realized that only 4 out of 20 pairs fit me correctly and it was time I get serious about adding a new pair of jeans to my closet that actually fit perfectly and felt comfortable. Instead of getting online and buying a trendy pair endorsed by the latest celebrity who more than likely does not have the same body shape as my own, I headed to a local store with a deep selection and set about trying on pair after pair until I found “the one.” In my case, “the one” happened to be a pair of mid-rise (although they call them high rise) boot cut dark denim jeans by James Jeans.

They sit up a bit higher, but are below the belly button and fit around the waist without gaping. The illusion inducing angled back pockets and the fit of the denim lift the tush and generally make it look amazing. The fading and washes on all the jeans are strategically done to make your legs appear leaner and longer. Overall, the jeans give a long, lean and elegant silhouette that fits perfectly while still being very comfortable. James Jeans are made from super, premium denim and hold their shape. So, what’s in a name? apparently the name James will never steer me wrong. Available at www.jamesjeans.us, www.couturecandy.com and www.revolveclothing.com.

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