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Friendly Reminder

With warm weather comes the often made fashion faux pas I witnessed today at the mall, the dreaded black thong plus white pants look. It never fails that I see this unfortunate look at least once every season and it never ceases to amaze me that people think it is a good idea to pair a black or dark colored thong with light colored thin fabric pants. Do they not have a full length mirror? Do they not do a front and back check in said mirror before heading out the door? Do they honestly think their thong won’t show through? I am puzzled as to how this actually happens but there was this poor woman going up the escalator in front of me showing the world her choice in underwear; a choice no one really needs to know!

So, I just wanted to send out a friendly reminder to fashionistas as the warm weather rises and you go to reach for your light colored pants, please wear the proper undergarments, always, always, wear nude undergarments with light colored or white pants. Nude boy shorts, in mesh or thin fabric, are sometimes a better option than even a nude thong because if the fabric is clingy or thin you can still see the line of the thong which is not sexy but completely white trash! Also remember to do a front and back check of your entire outfit in a full length mirror to avoid looking like a fashion faux pas or end up being talked about in a fashion blog! My favorite boy shorts to buy in nude are Spanx Hide and Sleek Girl Short (available at www.spanx.com), Victoria’s Secret’s Ultrassmooth Seamless Boyshort and Body by Victoria Bare Ultimate Boyshort (available at www.victoriassecret.com).



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