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The Perfect LBD

As a young fashionista-in-training it is ingrained into your head that you must have at all times the perfect LBD (little black dress). The idea being that one perfect, well cut, well made LBD can be worn season after season and is always there for you to wear in a pinch (ie work dinner party, last minute surprise party or hot guy you have been crushing on finally asks you for drinks). Ultimately this LBD can be changed up to look fresh and hip each season by adding trendy accessories and great shoes.

This all sounds great in theory but my problem has always been that I buy what I think is the perfect LBD but inevitably I am buying it because it is trendy and when the next season rolls around I realize that the one-shoulder style or the wide loose fit or whatever just looks dated and I start my search again for the perfect little black dress. But I am thrilled to say I have finally found two mythical, perfect LBDs that can look chic from season to season. Leave it to J Crew to know exactly how to make these perfect closet staples, that are so well made they can be worn for years and years while still looking timelessly elegant.

Both dresses are made from Super 120’s merino wool and 120 refers to the measure of the yarn and the higher the number, the finer the yarn thus making the fabric of these dresses soft, silky and with great drape. They also boast simple, timeless and elegant cuts that will flatter any figure as well as serve as a great backdrop for a wide range of accessories. They can be worn with flats, heels, boots, tights, fishnets, scarves, bangles, necklaces, belts, jackets, cardigans and the list goes on, you name it, you can wear it to customize a new look. These dresses are ready to go from the conference room to cocktails at a moment’s notice. Available at www.jcrew.com.


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