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Spring 2011 Trend Report: Bold Color

I decided to kick off my Spring 2011 Trend Report to beat the winter blues. It is currently snowing outside and I am dreaming of warmer, sunnier days. Take a break from winter and look forward to spring as I bring you the hot, new trends.

Let’s kick it off with color! It’s mixed bag as far as color is concerned; bright citrus hues like juicy orange, happy lemon and coral pink will share space with cool shades of turquoise and blue as well as soothing neutrals like cream, peach, tan and white. Invest in neutral shoes, bags and pants and add a pop of color with juicy hued dresses and tops. Don’t be afraid to mix and match colors that complement each other.

Color, Color Everywhere:



My favorite color combo:

Shift Into Neutral:

Mix bright colors with crisp white:

Neutrals can look rich and decadent:

Runway pictures courtesy of Refinery 29 (one of my favorite websites) and single shots courtesy of New York Magazine.



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Big Is In

This weekend I made a tour of my favorite local boutiques scoping out new spring merchandise and I began to notice an interesting, often unseen in fashion, trend that “big is in”. Every boutique had a wide selection of loose, silky, baggy shirts in a variety of styles, all extra big. For the most part fashion has always followed the “thin is in” style with clothes designed to show off svelte bodies but it seems now designers have decided to try a bigger, looser look.

I am not sure what I really think about this, on one hand many of the styles will fit and appeal to a wider variety of body styles but on the other if you have worked hard to look slim they certainly won’t do your figure any favors. I think when worn correctly they can look cute as long as you pair slim pants on bottom. You also don’t have to wear the shirts quite as big as the designers intend, try wearing them in a size or two smaller than you normally wear. I am not sure this trend will last long, so I would only invest in one loose, silky, dressy blouse and stick with exploring the trend with loose t-shirts/dresses by Alexander Wang, Vince and Michael Stars that you can easily pair with leggings for a comfy stylish look.

What do you think? Do you like the “big is in” trend?

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A Decade Of Fashion

A decade has come and is almost gone and each decade is usually marked with a few major fashion trends that we can all look back on and say oh that is so the 60’s or so the 80’s and this past ten years is no different. It seems, thanks in part to the internet, trends are disseminated very quickly and many originate with celebrities. Here are few major trends that will define the past decade.


We can thank Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen as well as Nicole Richie and Rachel Zoe for bringing us this hippie inspired trend. Key items of the boho look included oversized sunglasses, fringed purses and boots, long flowy skirts, crochet halter maxi dresses, wide leg pants and loose, oversized layers of tees, sweaters, scarves and skirts.

Super Casual:

We all embraced a super casual look with the help of Juicy Couture and Ugg. Who would of thought a velour track suit paired with suede and sheepskin snow boots would be the height of fashion? Juicy and Ugg reigned supreme and outfitted many a chic fashionista. Women were wearing their track suits with their diamonds and furs and college girls wore their Ugg boots with their Abercrombie mini denim skirts. It was the first time in a long time something so casual and comfy became so fashionable.

All About The Midriff:

Celebrities were all about showing off their toned abs this decade. This trend made it through in terms of women working super hard to make sure their tummies looked as toned as the celebrities they saw.

Denim, Denim and More Denim:

Designer jeans reigned supreme this decade and pushed the envelope in terms of price and fashion. It became acceptable to wear jeans to everything from movies to cocktail parties. New designer denim companies popped up every year offering more styles, colors and more expensive prices. We used to pay $50-$60 for a pair of jeans and it became commonplace this decade to pay $150-$250 for a nice pair of jeans. Skinny jeans became the style du jour and a major must have for every wardrobe. Designers also threw at us slouchy, rolled boyfriend styles and super wide leg jeans. Thanks to this decade designer denim is firmly cemented in high fashion.

Leggings and Tights:

Leggings and tights were major fashion must haves with tremendous staying power. I am pretty sure we will still be wearing both into the next decade.

A Tale of Two Heights:

The past decade went from one extreme to another when it came to shoes. Ballet flats became a fashion staple but also shared closet space with sky high platform heels.

High End Meets Low End:

High end met low end this decade when it became fashionable for women to wear their high end pieces with cheaper, more fashionable items from stores like Target, H&M and Old Navy. Target really got the trend going by hiring Isaac Mizrahi to design for them and then by adding subsequent up and coming designers like Thakoon and Rodarte. Lela Rose designed a line of shoes for Payless and Karl Lagerfeld and Jimmy Choo joined forces with H&M to create lower priced yet still fashionable merchandise.

Lela Rose for Payless


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Walk This Way

Hi hose, hi hose it’s off to work or dinner or drinks we go. Tights, hosiery, stockings or whatever you want to call them are major players for fall and winter and should be used to complete many of your stylish ensembles. But after seasons of bare legs, it can be tricky trying to figure how to wear tights with style. Here are a few tips that can keep your legs looking good while also being warm.

First of all remember sheer nude hosiery is still pretty much a fashion no-no, looking dowdy and frumpy and actually making your legs look thicker and unflattering so stick to darker/opaque tights. Worn in dark colors paired with matching colored shoes they lengthen and slenderize your legs. Wear bright colored tights with caution, they can look amazing when paired with simple, solid pieces like hot pink tights worn with black sweater dress and black booties.

As far as shoes go, pretty much anything goes. Solid opaque tights tend to look a little better with chunky heeled shoes and patterned tights look better with dainty kitten or spike heels. Boots from ankle to thigh high look great with all tights in all colors. Metallic silver shoes looks amazing paired with gray tights. Winterize your peep toes by wearing them with tights, I know this may seem a bit odd but it makes a quirky high fashion look. Look for tights that do not have a toe seam or pull and fold the toe seam under your foot so it does not show from the peep toe.

Have a cocktail party to go to, on a freezing cold night? Stay warm and still fashionable by pairing your cocktail dress with black opaque tights. Many designers and celebrities have worn black tights with their sequin and satin dresses.

Take some time to stock up on a few pairs of great tights, you can’t go wrong with a pair of black opaque tights, a fun patterned pair and add a unique color like gray or bright pink. Check out www.spanx.com and www.jcrew.com for a great selection of tights.


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Fall Fashion Trends You Will Want To Wear: Get Your Cardi On

Cardigans are back, yet again, and are a truly, versatile separate that can instantly transform any outfit. This season you will see a wide variety of styles, cuts and shapes from long to short and slim to chunky.

Cardigans come in all colors this season with gray and black being the smart frontrunners but don’t be afraid to add a color to your closet. Novelty details like interesting collars, ruffles, beading and sequins add a bit of interest and look great paired with pants, skirts or dresses for day or night.

Play with proportions wearing a long cardigan over a short dress or skinny leggings or layer a 3/4 sleeve cardigan over a long sleeve shirt and don’t forget to layer great tanks, tees or button down shirts under the cardigans and top it off with a waist cinching belt.

Cardigans seen on the runway from Giorgio Armani and Diane von Furstenberg.

These elongated neutral-hued knits work well with skinny jeans, leggings or pencil skirts. Available at www.whitehouseblackmarket.com.

J.Crew has a wonderful selection of stylish cardigans.

Novelty Cardigans from www.freepeople.com and www.anthropologie.com.

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How To Wear Boyfriend Jeans

Slouchy, rolled to the ankle boyfriend jeans have taken the denim fashion world by storm and are a definite must have for spring. They are instantly trendy but very comfy and perfect to wear as the weather heats up. Boyfriend jeans are meant to be worn loose and low on the hip so they look great on curvy and straight figures.

When searching for the perfect pair be prepared to try on lots of styles to get the one that works for you. It seems like every major denim line has a boyfriend style so start with brands you already wear and also give Current/Elliott a try, they are the company that essentially started the trend.

Boyfriend jeans are meant to be worn rolled to just above the ankle, so look for jeans that have a straight leg that is easy to roll. They are also meant to be worn loose and baggy but you don’t have to get so carried away, I bought my Current/Elliott pair just a tad loose. Take at least 3 different sizes of each brand and style into the dressing room with you so you can see find the most flattering pair.

Once you find the perfect pair, you will want it top them off with a fitted tee or tank or go super feminine with sheer chiffon blouse with or without ruffles. They also look cute with fitted cardigans and blazers. To balance the baggy masculine look add bold girly jewelry like layers of pearl necklaces or bangles and wear them with sweet ballet flats, dainty flip flops, bejeweled gladiators or super high chunky heels.

Cute boyfriend jeans from www.jcrew.com. I love how they paired them with a sequin tank and gold heels.

An elegant way to wear boyfriend jeans from J. Crew

Current/Elliott Boyfriend Jeans from www.shopbop.com

I love the Cropped Ex Lover jean from Joe’s Jeans, it is a bit shorter in length and is perfect for summer. Available at www.joesjeans.com.


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Jumpsuits: Love’Em or Hate’Em

Awhile back I wrote a blog post about high waist jeans (High Waist Jeans: Love’Em or Hate’Em) and I received a huge response from my readers all voicing their opinions and it looks like the jumpsuit/romper/cat suit may be the high waist jean of this season. Jumpsuits, short and long versions, were all over the runways for spring and summer and have since popped up on the pages of every glossy fashion magazine as well as making appearances in retail stores.

My question is, what do you think? Are they cute? Trendy? Will you actually buy one and wear it in public? or Do you think they are silly? 

I suppose I fall into the latter category, as a fashion person I admire designers resurrecting old silhouettes and attempting to make them new and fresh to give shoppers something new to buy and wear, but I actually think they are just silly. They look great on models posing for fashion magazines and trendy celebrities wearing them to get attention but on an everyday person they just look silly. Could you really see a mom going to pick up her kids from school in a jumpsuit paired with a waist cinching belt, sky high heels and large sun hat or a professional woman wearing a jumpsuit to a board meeting asking people to take her seriously? I am not saying these women can’t look trendy and fashionable but a jumpsuit is so not the way to go.

Long jumpsuits have the unfortunate side effect of making your bottom look long and flat and shorter romper jumpsuits come off as very juvenile making them very hard for most people to wear. Plus they making going to the bathroom difficult, if you have ever wrestled in or out of a jumpsuit you know what I am talking about. I think they are going to be a short-lived one hit wonder especially in this economy when people are looking for more value for their money.

Let me know what you think? Love’Em or Hate’Em?

ShopBop has a created a category for jumpsuits and has a large selection:


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Fresh Squeezed

The color yellow is celebrating it’s third consecutive spring/summer season of being trendy. Yellow in all shades from soft lemon to bright sunshine to golden marigold add warmth and cheer to any wardrobe. Wearing yellow is an easy way to bring a bit of color to your favorite basics, yellow looks great with white, denim and khaki, but avoid wearing yellow and black together, that color combo looks best on a bumblebee. Yellow does not flatter every skin tone but yellow shoes and accessories are popping up everywhere so everyone can get their citrus on! 

Milly Margherita Summer Luncheon Dress at www.shoptwigs.com (I especially love the back of this dress).

Let the sun shine in with these shoes from Gianni Bini available at www.dillards.com.

Carry sunshine with you wherever you go with these bags from Rebecca Minkoff and Dooney & Bourke available at www.shop.nordstrom.com.

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