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I saw the silliest infomercial the other day for a product called Bumpits. Bumpits are essentially plastic headbands that you put under a section of hair to help hold up your hair and give it volume or that bump look you see on so many people. It is supposed to help give your hair height without having to tease your hair or provide added volume for hair that won’t hold.

At first I thought, this is ridiculous but then the more I have researched it and read the reviews they may actually work. So if you desire the “bumpit” look you might give them a try! Personally I think a look is so over when people are making products that are sold on infomercials, but who knows? What do you think? Do you wear your hair like this? Would you buy Bumpits? Please leave me comments and let me know!

You can check out Bumpits website at www.bumpits.com.

Keira Knightley’s Ponytail Hair Bump


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