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What To Wear To An Office Holiday Party

Treading the waters around an office holiday party can be a bit difficult. The main question seems to be, how to look festive and ready for a party without looking inappropriate or boring?

The first thing to keep in mind is that your outfit will be determined by the party’s location as well as time of day. If it is an evening party at a nice restaurant you could wear something similar to cocktail or holiday festive attire, while keeping in mind it stills needs to look work appropriate, try to avoid super low cut tops or dresses. An office party is not really the place to show off your body, you still need to look professional.

If the party occurs at the office during the afternoon or evening, dressy casual attire is appropriate with a bit of festive touches like holiday colors, sparkly jewelry and dressier shoes. Women can trade in their pantsuit for wide leg trousers and a sleek sweater with beading accents or swap a button down shirt for a jewel tone silk top.

Also, let your regular office dress code dictate your party style, dress consistent with the corporate culture. When in doubt play it safe, the office party is not the best place to take a fashion risk.

Office party looks from www.anntaylor.com.


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