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Stuff Riders Say

SmartPak has released a hilarious new video called Stuff Riders Say and if you ride horses you will certainly identify with it as well as get a good laugh. Enjoy!


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Shiny Coat

I am a mix master in the wash rack, often carrying a bucket full of lotions of potions to use on my horse with the intent of achieving a shiny, glossy hair coat and long, full tail. A good shiny coat starts from the inside and good quality feed paired with minerals (from Platinum Performance and SmartPak) are the building blocks to high-gloss. There are also many products out there that can help add extra shine and smoothness. I am always trying out the latest and greatest and one recent acquisition at my local feed store seriously exceeded my expectations.

That recent acquisition was EQyss Premier Color Intensifying Equine Shampoo. This natural, botanical shampoo is the only equine shampoo that leaves the hair shaft completely clean, not coated with wax, oil, petroleum by-products, silicone or synthetic polymers which are found in all other equine shampoos, thereby letting the hair accept more moisture which will produce amazing shine. It soaps up beautifully and rinses out easily, eliminates dry flakes and intensifies color. It left my horses hair coat super shiny and very soft and even days later his bay color seemed richer. Available at your local tack shop or at Eqyss-Online.com.


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Get Your Stripes On

A cold, crisp north wind has finally pushed away all memories of the hottest summer on record and put a spring in my step as well as a spring in my horses hooves! It’s time to dig out and dust off your coats and your horse blankets. I’ve had my eye on a Horseware Newmarket Fleece Dress Sheet for my horse and a Horseware Newmarket Fleece Jacket for me. The super-soft anti-pill fleece will be extra cozy for cool fall days as well as make a great base layer on really cold days. The preppy stripes in striking colors add a fashiony touch to traditional solid colors, giving your and your horse’s wardrobe a little zing.

Wear your fleece jacket with jeans or breeches and don’t forget to layer with a fur lined-hooded vest on colder days. Available in three colors at DoverSaddlery.com.

The Horseware Newmarket Fleece Dress Sheet is made from an anti-pill, double-bonded fleece which offers excellent thermal and wicking properties. Cross surcingles and two-surcingle front closures. Sizes 63″-87″ (3″ increments). Available in 4 colors at Shop.Horseware.com. On really cold winter days layer it with your horse’s thick winter blanket for an extra bit of warmth.

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Two of My Favorite Things

I recently found a new blog that happily combines two of my favorite things, horses and fashion. You may not know it but the name of my blog Clotheshorse really refers to my love of clothes and horses thus making me a true clotheshorse. I grew up riding and showing horses and still do while also loving all things fashion. You will see stacks of fashion magazines sharing space with horse magazines throughout my house and I love nothing more than when they are combined!

A french blog, La Cavaliere Masquee, was started to create a place to combine beautiful and interesting images of horses and fashion that are so often used in conjunction in fashion photography and advertising. There are tons of beautiful images to scroll through. Check it out at www.lacavalieremasquee.com.

My Own Horse, His name is Woody and he is a 16’3 hand Quarter Horse (he is half thoroughbred). The first picture is him under saddle and the second picture is him taking a nap looking smart in his black watch plaid blanket.



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