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Get The Skinny

Skinny jeans are a must-have for spring to balance out the larger proportion shirts that are dominating store racks. (See Big Is In to learn more about the big, baggy trend.) I seem to have a hard time finding skinny jeans that fit, if they fit around my waist they seem to be too tight in the thigh and if they fit in the thigh they are way too big around the waist. I think designers have forgotten that not all women have toothpick model legs and need to design accordingly.

If you, like me, have a hard time finding skinny jeans that fit comfortably you will love these new skinny jeans from J. Jill. I know, you are asking yourself can J. Jill really make stylish looking skinny jeans. That was my thought too until I tried them on. I stopped in there the other day when I was shopping with my mom and decided to try them on while she was shopping.

I was thrilled when I pulled them on, zipped them up and realized they fit perfectly around the waist (not too high, not too low) and the leg was fitted and slim but not squeezing too tight. They had just enough stretch to make them fitted yet comfortable. The midnight wash is super dark and makes them look very expensive (when in reality they only cost $79). They are definitely worth a try and my pair has replaced my skinny 7 for all mankind jeans permanently! Available online at www.jjill.com.

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