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Denim Digs

If denim is the mainstay of your wardrobe then you will be thrilled to see Net-A-Porter’s new online denim boutique. It is well stocked with great denim and well organized by size, fit, body type and style. They also have great editorial about denim that includes a fit guide by body style (boyish, long legs, petite, hourglass and curvy) that suggests styles to try as well as a section on how to care for your denim once you have found the perfect pair.

But what makes this denim boutique stand out from other online shops, is it’s measuring guide that tells you exactly how to measure yourself to find the right size and when you click on each pair of jeans you can click on it’s very thorough measurements and compare them to yours to see which size will fit you the best. You can also compare the measurements to those from your favorite pair of jeans. Jean shopping made simple! Available at www.net-a-porter.com.


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Gap’s New Denim-Worth Trying?

Gap has been getting a lot of press lately on its new totally re-vamped line of jeans for guys and gals and since I am a bit of a denim aficionado I figured I better get my denim-clad behind to the nearest Gap and try them all on and see if they are worth the hype. So last night I drug my husband to the mall and we tried on jeans for what seemed like hours (okay it was only an hour but he swears it was longer).

I can honestly say overall I was impressed with the collection for the price which is insanely reasonable ($69.50-$59.50). The denim used was super soft on all styles and washes and the construction was of good quality. What was even more amazing was that for the most part I wore the same size in every style and wash, which is usually not the case with designer denim. I would highly recommend heading to Gap to try them all on, they make perfect knocking around on the weekend jeans. I will always be a designer denim fan but I can now say I have two new pairs of Gap jeans sharing closet space with my AG’s, Seven’s, Joe’s and Citizen’s. My husband also loved the jeans he tried on and we bought 4 pairs of jeans for the price of one pair of designer jeans.

Here is the “lowdown” on each style:

The Perfect Boot:

Gap’s Description: Our perfect boot jean shares all the best qualities of our sexy boot jean, like a contoured waistband that shapes to the body, lifts the seat, and eliminates the gap at the back of the waist. We added a slightly higher rise with a wide waistband that gives a low rise look while providing extra coverage.

My Description: Overall a nice jean, the rise hit right at the bottom of my belly button, fitted through the thigh with a slight flare, although they did gap around my waist, worth trying if you despise low rise jeans.

The Sexy Boot:

Gap’s Description: We’ve redesigned our low rise boot cut jean. The low-rise fit keeps it sexy and we’ve added a contoured waistband that shapes to the body, lifts the seat, and eliminates the gap at the back of the waist. A slim fit through the hip and thigh leads to a perfectly proportioned boot-cut leg, creating a leg-lengthening silhouette.

My Description: My least favorite pair of jeans I tried on, the rise hit in a weird too low spot with a strange angle and the thighs were too tight with a more severe flare at the leg, it also flattened and squushed my bottom, designer denim brands do the “sexy” boot style much better.

Real Straight:

Gap’s Description: Our real straight jeans are cut straight through the hip and leg for a slimming look. An improved design gives the appearance of longer, more slender legs. New fit technology lifts the seat and eliminates the gap at the back.

My Description: My absolute favorite pair I tried on and one of the pairs I bought. The fit is amazing and for a skinny jean they are very comfortable, snug in all the right places but with great ease and stretch. The leg is straight without being too skinny and makes your legs look longer and slimmer. The rise is perfect not too low or too high. Just Perfect!

Long and Lean:

Gap’s Description: We’ve kept what you love about our long and lean jeans–the easy fit and wider leg–while improving the construction for a more flattering fit. Smart design updates lift the seat, slim the hips, and lengthen the legs.

My Description: My second favorite pair of jeans I tried on and the other pair I purchased. It is the perfect super casual, laid back pair of jeans. Excellent updated fit that hits right below the belly button, fits nicely around the waist, fitted through the thigh without giving sausage thigh with a wider proportion balancing leg. They really give you the appearance of having long and lean legs. A great jean for gals of all heights and sizes.

Always Skinny:

Gap’s Description: Our new skinny jean has a very slim, fitted silhouette all the way to the ankle that visually elongates the entire body. Our new design lifts the seat while eliminating the gap in back.

My Description: These jeans were just okay, super skinny and tight in all sizes with an uncomfortable too low rise with not quite enough stretch to hold you in properly. If you like super skinny jeans stick with the higher-end designers like J Brand, they do a better job of constructing this hard to fit style. For a straighter, skinny look stick with the Real Straight style.

My husband tried on Gap’s Standard, Boot and Loose styles and loved the Standard (buying two pairs). The Standard is a great all around jean, good fit with some ease that could be casual or dressy. He thought the Loose fit was too loose and sloppy and he did not like the construction the Boot style thinking designer brands like Chip & Pepper, Kasil and AG do a better job.

Gap’s Men’s Standard Jean:

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Well Made

While on vacation a few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of shopping in a Madewell store. Madewell is J Crew’s latest spin off that opened a little over a year ago. Their intent was to create a smaller, well edited line of must have basics which centered around great denim. All of their looks and styles are trendy but still very accessible and wearable. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I walked in because unfortunately you can not shop from their website, all sales are made through phone orders or at the stores.

Since the line is focused on denim I decided I better try a few pairs on and see if they lived up to the hype. I had the salesperson help me pick out a few styles to try and while she was putting them in a dressing room I was drawn to the racks of super soft colorful tees and immediately started grabbing one of each style and color to try.

I loved every pair of jeans I tried on, the fit and fabric was amazing! You could tell the designers spent a tremendous amount of time getting it right. I would recommend trying a pair of the Rail Straight jeans, the skinny leg is elongating and they sit at the perfect spot on your waist and hips without gaping.

The t-shirts were also wonderful, long in length with flattering necklines and the sleeves were the perfect length, they hit mid upper arm, which is so much more slimming that those silly tees that barely cover your shoulders and make all arms look chunky. They were definitely buy in bulk, wear all the time kind of tees.

Madewell is well worth making a trip to and if you do not have one in your city, visit one that does and make friends with the salesperson so you can call her and have her send you new stuff! Madewell reminds me of what Gap used to be, the perfect spot to fill in the holes in your closet! Check out their website at www.madewell1937.com.





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What’s In A Name

What’s in a name? My grandpa’s name was James as is my dad’s and my brother’s name and I married a James who thankfully goes by his middle name which is not James. So, it was no surprise that I was destined to love James Jeans, however not necessarliy for the name which is familiar, but for the amazing fit.

I finally went through my closet and tried on every pair of jeans I own and realized that only 4 out of 20 pairs fit me correctly and it was time I get serious about adding a new pair of jeans to my closet that actually fit perfectly and felt comfortable. Instead of getting online and buying a trendy pair endorsed by the latest celebrity who more than likely does not have the same body shape as my own, I headed to a local store with a deep selection and set about trying on pair after pair until I found “the one.” In my case, “the one” happened to be a pair of mid-rise (although they call them high rise) boot cut dark denim jeans by James Jeans.

They sit up a bit higher, but are below the belly button and fit around the waist without gaping. The illusion inducing angled back pockets and the fit of the denim lift the tush and generally make it look amazing. The fading and washes on all the jeans are strategically done to make your legs appear leaner and longer. Overall, the jeans give a long, lean and elegant silhouette that fits perfectly while still being very comfortable. James Jeans are made from super, premium denim and hold their shape. So, what’s in a name? apparently the name James will never steer me wrong. Available at www.jamesjeans.us, www.couturecandy.com and www.revolveclothing.com.

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Stay Current

Oh the horror, I must be getting old because a fashion flashback is making me nauseous because I now sadly remember doing this with my Guess jeans! Am I finally old enough to see fashion history come full circle!!!!????

It looks like the old “peg and roll” is back in style, albeit a tad different then how we wore them in the 80’s. This time around the “peg and roll” is rolled a bit higher up the leg so they look more like capri jeans and the jeans are also worn baggier and looser, more like a boyfriend jean. The general concept to “peg and roll” is to fold the jeans vertically around the leg to make them a bit tighter and then roll them up the leg so they hit about mid-calf.

We can thank Los Angeles stylists, turned designers Emily Current and Merritt Elliott for the return of “peg and roll” jeans with their oh so hot line of denim aptly named Current Elliott. The most popular style is the Boyfriend Jean that is already pre-rolled for perfection and has a looser, comfy fit. The rolled leg is perfect for showing off a pair of super high sexy heels. Pair them with a loose lacy cami and a “grandpa cardigan” for an oh-so stylish look. Check out the full line of Current Elliott at www.eluxury.com and www.shopintuition.com.

Katie Holmes Sporting The Current Elliott Boyfriend Jean

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