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High Waist Jeans: Love’Em or Hate’Em

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A recent e-mail from ShopBop and Neiman Marcus set off a firestorm of e-mails between myself and my friends. The topic of these e-mails centered around what seems to be the new trend of high waist jeans and whether we liked the trend or not. When I say high waist jeans I mean the super high rise jeans that come way up past the belly button, not the mid-rise jeans that are just a tad higher than the super low rise jeans, see the pictures below.

The reviews were mixed among my friends, some like the look and some hate it. I lean towards the “hate it” side. I think they are hideous and unflattering on everyone including the anorexic models they are putting them on in an attempt to sell them to the general public.

I know that fashion is a swinging pendulum and the designers like to go from one extreme to another and these high rise jeans are just the designers rebelling against the super low jeans we have been sporting. But seriously, these jeans will just be doing a dis-service to the general public, fooling women into thinking they will look good in them and also traumatizing us by having to look at them. I am afraid these new high waist jeans if not worn properly will spawn the dreaded and disgusted camel toe, something we should all avoid at all costs! Plus, they make your bottom look a mile long and who wants a mile long bottom!

Fashion is not always pretty and my advice to you this season is to stick with your low to mid rise jeans and let the models on the runway wear the high waist jeans. What do you think? Will you wear them? Please leave me a comment with your thoughts on the high waist jean look. I have also just written a post about jumpsuits and want to know what you think about them, let me know what you think by clicking here.

New Addition 2/3/2009:

There has been much debate in the comments about High Waist Jeans and I must say that these picture should put an end to the debate, high waist jeans should just not be worn! I am not saying anything about Jessica Simpson’s weight, I don’t care what size she is, but those jeans are just horrible and should not be worn no matter what size you are. Clothes should flatter you, not just abide by trends.


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