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Ring Around

Cocktail rings have held on to their must-have status and are an easy way to spice up a simple outfit. This season bigger is better in all aspects of fashion and it holds true for cocktail rings. You can find cocktail rings in a wide range of styles, materials and price ranges allowing you to choose what you really love.

There are a few rules to keep in mind when wearing a cocktail ring. Avoid wearing other rings on the same hand as the cocktail ring and if you wear a wedding ring, wear your cocktail ring on the opposite hand. Keep the rest of your jewelry relatively simple to allow the cocktail ring to take center stage.

Free People has an amazing selection of cocktail rings (photographed with models wearing them so you get an accurate idea of their size) available on their website www.freepeople.com.


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Cheap Trick

Kate Spade is having a sale! From Oct 1st- Oct 4th take 30% off your entire purchase at all Kate Spade stores and online at www.katespade.com. Use code FALLFF09. Happy Shopping!

Items I must have:

Madeline Tabitha Coat (will look great worn with skinny jeans):

Harper Sparkle Flats (will look great with above jacket and skinny jeans)

Damask Bangle (way too pretty to pass up)

Cortes Triple Row Paillette Necklace (a statement making necklace that will look good with everything)

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Have You Met Kate?

If you are a fashionista you are probably quite familiar with Kate, as in Kate Spade. The original creator of one of the first “it” bags, the nylon, boxy Sam bag seen on the shoulders of many a fashionable woman in the 90’s. Since then the company has faltered and stagnated a bit but thanks to new creative director Deborah Lloyd (by way of Banana Republic and Burberry) it seems to be roaring back to its rightful place of high fashion.

Kate Spade just debuted its clothing collection and it is beyond fab! It is chocked full of trendy, mod pieces that can easily be mixed and matched adding a touch of drama and elegance to your wardrobe. The new shoes for fall are gorgeous and the handbags and jewelry are worth a look. Reacquaint yourself with the new Kate at www.katespade.com.

The Kate Spade items that are on my must have list.

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Squared Away

Cocktail rings are an easy and inexpensive way to up the style quotient of any outfit. They add instant glamour to any outfit from super trendy to everyday basic and can be purchased at any price point. I am currently loving this art deco “geo” ring from Juicy Couture. The black resin is a striking backdrop to the crystals and it looks very “Great Gatsby”. The square shape is unique and eye catching and will make a bold, chic statement. Available at www.shopbop.com.

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Faking It

Let’s just admit it-there are certain days when you just don’t feel like putting a lot of thought into your outfit for whatever reason, you are having a fat day or you just want to be comfy or whatever, but there are 4 must have accessories that can add a bit of style and class to any outfit whether is is from Neiman’s or Target. I think it is important to invest in a few high end accessories that are timeless and will never go out of style but up the fashion quotient of any outfit.

My never fail, dress up any outfit must haves are a Burberry Scarf, Designer Sunglasses (Prada and Chanel are my faves), a Louis Vuitton Speedy handbag and a nice piece of jewelry (pearl necklace, diamond stud earrings or a nice watch). Throw any one (or all of the above) on with a black tee from Target, jeans and sneakers and you will instantly look chic, even though your outfit is lacking any real style. The above items scream good taste and high end status and thus rub off on whatever else you are wearing. 

Burberry Scarf: The trademark Burberry plaid has been a symbol of British luxury since it first appeared on the lining of a trench coat in 1924 and when used in the form of a scarf it adds a dash of style to any look. Available at www.burberryusaonline.com.

Designer Sunglasses are a relatively inexpensive way to jazz up your look and there are so many great styles to choose from. Check out www.neimanmarcus.com for a great selection.

Louis Vuitton Speedy is the perfect purse, roomy, versatile and the signature monogram canvas is an instantly recognized symbol of chic. Available at www.eluxury.com.

A pearl necklace, diamond stud earrings (real or faux) and a nice watch are simple and elegant and lend these qualities to the rest of your outfit.


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So Charming

I learned a long time ago, but have only recently accepted the fact, that I look better in simple, basic silhouettes. For years I would take fussy, intricate or complicated items into the dressing room loving how they looked on the mannequin or my friends only to be disappointed that they just don’t work on me. I have tried to love puff sleeves, ruffles, bright prints and interesting collars but they do not love me back. Elegant, clean silhouettes preferably in black favor me. 

So when minimalism is not de rigeur I look to jewelry to add a pop of style to my closet of simplicity.  A great pair of earrings or stunning necklace can do wonders for simple silhouettes while ensuring your outfit stands out from the pack. Needless to say I was thrilled when I discovered an amazing new online jewelry store, charmingly named Charm and Chain. They carry a gorgeous array of right on trend necklaces, earrings, bracelets and rings. Check it out at www.charmandchain.com.



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Cheer Me Up

Grab a pen and paper and copy down this sure fire trick for erasing the winter doldrums that tend to roll around this time of year. My sure fire trick that will cheer you up in a flash is, buy yourself a pair of earrings! Trust me it works wonders!

The other day I was at work (boring), hating what I wore that day (tired of wearing winter clothes), fighting a cold (crappy) and looking out the window at a another gray, cold and blustery day (yuck). I was in desperate need of a pick me up and instead of reaching for another Dove chocolate heart I decided to log on to Viv and Ingrid’s website and buy myself a sparkly bauble. Shopping is such a wonderful cheering aphrodisiac and with a few clicks of my mouse, my usual smile was back in place. The same cheerful sensation came again a few days later when I saw a little brown box on my doorstep containing a gorgeous, shimmery pair of ombre swarovski crystal wrapped hoop earrings. The picture on the website does not come close to doing these earrings justice, they are beyond beautiful and perfect for adding a little oomph to your winter wardrobe. Go ahead spend yourself a little happy! Ombre Wrap Hoops available at www.vivandingrid.com.


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