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Leggings For All

I work part-time at a clothing store (because I am a glutton for punishment and actually miss retail) and yesterday while I was working I had an older woman (late 50’s early 60’s) ask me if we carried the leggings I was wearing. Lucky for me I was actually wearing a cropped lace trimmed pair from the store, I had paired them with a Michael Stars loose tank dress, a Splendid long, drapey cardigan and jeweled flip flops. It was a very comfy, very casual yet still trendy look.

After showing this customer the leggings she made the comment that she was probably too old to wear leggings. Which I found to be shocking because I believe that no one is too old to wear leggings. If worn properly anyone and everyone can wear them, no matter your age or shape.

Yes, they are form fitting which can be a bit tricky when compared to pants but they look great when worn under skirts, dresses, tunics and long belted sweaters and jackets. Just keep in mind they are snug on the bottom but as long as you keep the bottom covered they are less revealing than wearing a knee length skirt and a dark black pair can elongate and slim the look of your legs.

Keep these four rules in mind when buying and wearing leggings and remember anyone can wear leggings:

1. Thick, unshiny fabrics like double knits don’t show bulges.

2. Layering is crucial. Think of leggings as tights rather than pants; put them under skirts, dresses, or tunics.

3. Longer tops (at least to midthigh) camouflage tush, stomach, and hips.

4. Leggings can look tacky with the wrong footwear. I prefer flats, boots, or a low heel.

Great examples of how to wear leggings for all ages:


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If I had to sum up my personal style in one phrase, it would probably be comfy with a twist. As much as I love crazy, beautiful fashions and will occasionally submit to the torture that comes with high fashion, I tend to look for stylish pieces that are easy and comfortable to wear. You can imagine my delight that leggings and the loose and easy dresses and tunics that top them, are still so stylish. They are a beyond easy way to dress!

The newest addition to my comfy wardrobe comes by way of one of my favorite local boutiques and Michael Stars. This racer back tank dress is made from soft, slinky modal fabric that gently skims the body and looks great layered over a tank and cropped leggings. It is lightweight and easy to wear. Dress it up with long layered necklaces, an armful of bangles and embellished sandals or wear it casual with flip flops and a big watch. Available online at www.revolveclothing.com.


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Just Say No

Okay sometimes fashion just goes too far beyond the realms of good taste and what is even sadder is that they separate hard earned dollars from the consumer we all love to call “the fashion victim”. These fashion victims really don’t know the line between good taste and fashion and often cross the line just because they see a celebrity or model wearing the item of bad taste.

Just such an item flitted across my computer screen the other day when I opened my Daily Candy e-mail. What I saw was just so beyond words, I thought it was a joke, but sadly no, it is not a joke and they are actually trying to sell these awful items to poor consumers. These awful items take the shape of black latex leggings, what could be more tacky, unflattering and totally uncomfortable than rubber leggings! Enough is enough fashion designers, we get the whole art is fashion thing, but we still have to wear our clothes out in public not just on a runaway!

So please for your sake and others who have to look at you, please just say no to rubber leggings, they do not and will not look good on anyone! What do you think? Drop me a comment and let me know your thoughts!

Hideous Black Latex Leggings available at: www.shopintuition.com.


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