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Black as Kohl

I have learned that it is bad for my checkbook to be on Sephora’s e-mail list. Every time a new one lands in my inbox I am compelled to open it and then have to click on to http://www.sephora.com and buy whatever cool cosmetic product they are peddling.

Such was the case when I ordered Guerlain’s Terracotta Khôl Kajal Intense Indian Kohl eyeliner. This kohl eyeliner is a limited edition intense black eyeliner that can be used to line your inner and outer eyelids. It’s mineral formula is creamy and glides on easily with a fine point that can be layered and smudged for sultry eyes. The formula is highly concentrated in pigments so the eyes are emphasized with a new intensity—and kept comfortable and irritant free. I can vouch for the irritant free because I have very sensitive skin on and around my eyes (so sensitive I can only use Josie Maran eyeshadows) and after weeks of using this product my eyes have never been irritated by this eyeliner. Available online at www.sephora.com.

Fun Fact of The Day: Kohl eyeliner was first worn by Egyptian queens during the Bronze Age (3500 BC onward) and has been worn by men and women since. It was originally used as protection against eye ailments. There was also a belief that darkening around the eyes would protect one from the harsh rays of the sun.


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Glow Baby Glow

I spend a fair amount of time in a barn working with my horses and I often feel silly wearing lipstick to the barn but I can’t stand not having a little bit of color on my lips. I also need a soothing lip balm with SPF to keep my lips soft and protected. These factors keep me constantly searching for new tinted lip balms.

My newest obsession is Dior’s Addict Lip Glow. It is amazing! Dior Addict Lip Glow is a color awakening (which means it reacts to the color chemistry in your lips creating a color that is uniquely yours) lip balm with SPF 10. It is smooth and creamy providing your lips with protective moisture while imparting a soft pink glow. Pure perfection in a lip balm! Available at www.sephora.com.

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Up In Smoke

I am proof that advertising makeup in fashion and beauty magazines really works, I see a cool ad and then make a point to buy and try. My newest item to purchase that I am currently obsessed with is CoverGirl’s Smoky ShadowBlast Eye Colour Stick. These eye sticks make creating a sultry smoky eye super easy and fast with their specially designed tips. You use the rounded tip to apply a base layer over your entire lid and then use the tapered tip to define your crease and lashline. Voila, perfect smoky eyes! You can watch a video demo at www.covergirl.com, click on Smokin Look Demo. Available online at www.ulta.com.

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Don’t Ask Don’t Tell

Don’t worry today’s post has nothing to do with the military policy of don’t ask, don’t tell, it has to do with my irritation at Sephora. I recently learned from a former Sephora employee that if you ask for a sample they will give one for any product in the store. This caused me some annoyance because if I had known that or if my salesperson has informed me of this, it would of saved me some time and money.

I have been trying to find the perfect eye cream and each time I go into Sephora and ask for help they guide me to a product and I buy it, only to not like it once I get it home and give it a try. I guess the salesperson was too intent on making a sale to do the right thing and give me a couple of eye cream samples to take home and try. So in case you didn’t know, you have to ask for a sample because they don’t seem to offer them up on their own! Next time you are out shopping make sure you ask for a sample before you make an investment, it will save you time and money in the long run.

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Never Doubt The Power Of Makeup

One should never doubt the power of makeup, great hair and fashionable clothing, as was evidenced on Oprah on Monday. Oprah’s show was about how to get your sexy back and made over women who were feeling and looking a bit frumpy. The results were beyond spectacular, these women were all beautiful and just needed a little help bringing that back out. Oprah’s team of stylists, make up artists and hair guru Ken Paves worked wonders.

Here were my two favorite makeovers from the show, you can click here to see all the looks. I hope this inspires you to keep striving to look your best and now is the best time to consider giving yourself a mini-makeover.





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Lash Out

I have yet to find a mascara that I love and have spent a pretty penny trying quite a few brands from drugstore to department store. But, thanks to Sephora I can now try a whole bunch of mascaras for a fraction of the cost. Sephora has put together a lash sampler featuring sample sizes of 11 different mascaras for $39. A steal when I think of all the half used tubes laying in my makeup drawer, due to the sample size I can try it out and then toss it away and move on to the next in hopes I find the perfect mascara! Check out the Lashstash Mascara Deluxe Sampler at www.sephora.com. If mascara is not your thing check out all the other samplers they have put together from perfume to lipstick by clicking here. These sampler sets also make perfect gifts!

By the way, if you have been lucky to find the perfect mascara please leave me a comment telling me your fave!

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Perfect 10-The Perfect Bronzer

Always wanted to be a perfect 10? In looks or anything for that matter? With the help of Benefit you can look like  a perfect 10, with bronzed, sculpted, highlighted cheeks.

Benefit’s 10 bronzing and highlighting powder duo will give you a lit from within plus the I just spent a week at the beach look that will have all guys whistling as you go by! 10 includes bronzer and highlighter in one powder duo that when swept across the cheeks gives a supermodel glow.

Lightly sweep the enclosed brush over the powder so the pink highlighting powder appears on the top half the brush and the bronzer on the bottom half then with the pink side up, whisk from the apple of the cheek up to the hairline. 10 makes a perfect addition to your summer makeup bag. Available at www.benefitcosmetics.com and www.sephora.com.

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Must Read

I have discovered an absolute must read for anyone looking for a cute, witty book with a fashion and beauty slant. Confessions of a Beauty Addict by Nadine Haobsh, former beauty editor and current beauty blogger (Jolie Nadine), is a fun easy read that will leave you wanting more.

Confessions of a Beauty Addict revolves around Bella Hunter a beauty columnist for an ultra-chic magazine that gets fired when she reveals insider secrets to a reporter and finds herself working at a dowdy women’s magazine. As Bella is shunned by her former friends and editors she must adapt to her new co-workers, readers and lower status. Thrown into the mix are a hilarious group of friends, a gorgeous yet frosty publisher, beauty tips, celebrity gossip and more fashion labels than Barney’s. You are taken for a wild ride into the world of beauty and fashion magazines. Available at www.barnesandnoble.com.


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