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Fashionable Invite

I am totally obsessed with Sarah LeClere invitations and stationary. I have always had a bit of a thing for paper products, I look for any excuse to wander aimlessly through stationary stores buying products I so rarely use in this digital world, but I love the look and feel of stationary from old world elegance to punchy colorful whimsical.

It was on one of these trips (I had an excuse as I was planning a lingerie shower for a good friend of mine and needed cute invites) when I stumbled across Sarah LeClere invitations. Being fashion obsessed I instantly noticed an invitation in the shape of a dress on a european dress form. It was so elegant, modern and simply oozed of good taste, I was smitten. So I rushed home and googled Sarah LeClere and saw her full range of invitations each one more delightful than the next.

What makes her invitations so adorable is the fact that they are die-cut in the shape of the object, so they are more visually interesting than a square piece of paper and she tends to use very fashion forward items, such as shoes, dresses and handbags among many other items like a wedding cake, champagne bottle, baby carriage and an elephant, yes an elephant. So the next time you are in need of a great invitation or need an excuse to throw a great party check at Sarah LeClere invitations at www.sarahleclere.com or www.thesocialbutterfly.com.

I case you’re wondering I went with the red high heel shoe for my friend’s shower, it just looked like something she would own!



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