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Go Undercover

It seems like every year when spring gives way to summer many women forget to make adjustments to their undergarments to echo the new lightweight, light colored and breezy garments they are donning to beat the heat. I am always shocked when I see my first black thong showing through white pants. I mean how hard is it to look in the mirror before you leave!

In order to avoid these major faux pas keep these tips in mind when getting dressed:

Always, always wear nude colored underwear under white or other light colored pants. Leave the bright colors, whites and prints in the underwear drawer when wearing anything white.

A thong does not always look invisible, especially under lightweight, clingy jersey fabric and tight cotton pants. Thong lines, in my humble opinion, are way worse than panty lines! If you see thong lines switch to a no show, invisible edge pair of panties or boy shorts.

T-shirts and tank tops reign supreme in the summer and they demand a few bra changes. First invest in a great t-shirt bra that will look smooth under all tees and tanks, leave your lace bras in the drawer when wearing a lightweight tee. Only wear nude colored bras under white tops.

I am also totally against allowing your bra straps to show with tank tops and halter tops, this is not a fashion statement, you look like you belong on Jerry Springer. If your bra straps are showing switch to a strapless bra, end of story. I am not a fan of clear bra straps either, we can still see them and you still look trashy. Go strapless!

Also, on the subject of lightweight, clingy jersey fabric that dominates summer dresses, make sure you look at yourself from all angles before walking out of the house. Yes, these dresses are cool and comfy but they can show every lump and bump in a not so flattering light and often need support garments underneath that zero out their cool and comfy quotient. Unless you have zero percent body fat and no cellulite you might consider breezy chiffon or linen when looking for casual dresses or invest in great support garments.

My favorite summer supporting cast:

Soma Vanishing Edge Hipster literally looks invisible under anything and everything you wear. Buy them in nude to wear with all your whites. Truly Amazing!

Soma Travelers Allura Underwire T-Shirt Bra is the best I have found, it provides seamless, full coverage all day shape-enhancing support while being extremely comfortable.

Invest in Spanx’s Bra-Cha-Cha Strapless Bra and Bra-llelujah Racerback Bra to keep bra straps from ruining your sleeveless and strapless tops and dresses.

Spanx Hide and Sleek Full Slip is 5% slip and 95% personal trainer! It keeps you looking slim and toned under lightweight, clingy fabrics.



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Shorten Up

We are in the midst of a major heat wave and there is no denying it, now is the time to wear shorts. But how to look chic while wearing shorts? The answer is simple, buy a pair of tailored shorts that are not overly fitted but have a bit of structure, and a tad on the dressy side. Next build your outfit much like you would if you were wearing slacks or a pencil skirt. Try mixing and matching tees, tanks, cardigans, jackets, belts and scarves to find the right look of casual sophistication. As far as shoes go, follow the same rules you do if you were wearing a skirt, if you outfit is more casual throw on flip flips but if your outfit is dressier try adding a pair of chunky strappy heels or wedges. Here are some cute and affordable short styles and outfits from Ann Taylor Loft. Available at www.anntaylorloft.com.

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Full Volume-How To Wear A Maxi Dress

I will admit it, I was not a big fan of maxi dresses when they first came out. They just seemed big and unflattering and the name maxi even put me off, like something you see on the side of a feminine hygiene product. But as the thermometer rises and it gets harder to look cool and stylish I have become a convert to the maxi dress.

Yes they are full of volume but if purchased with the correct shape and fit they can be very flattering as well as extremely cool and comfy. They are also very versatile because they can be dressed up and down with accessories you already own. They are perfect for trips and vacations because they are easy to pack and they can pull double duty as an outfit or a swimsuit cover up. Wear it one day with flip flops for sightseeing and another night out with wedges and layered necklaces, they also look great layered with a denim jacket or cardigan.

A few tips to keep in mind while shopping for a maxi dress:

Do Buy a maxi dress in the correct length for your height or get it hemmed, too long dresses look sloppy and cause you to trip.

Avoid gathered waists if you are bulky around the middle and make sure the top fits “the girls” properly, no one wants to see them spilling out nor do you want to spend all day pulling the top up. Make sure the dress skims instead of clings.

Avoid bright, crazy and loud prints, they can make you look heavier, opt for fun graphic or soft floral prints and you can never go wrong with solid colors.

Do accessorize with long layered necklaces, stacks of bangles, hoop earrings, belts or a summer scarf.

Do shop around, great maxi dresses can be found at a wide variety of stores in a range of prices, colors and styles.

Last but not least, please do not wear your maxi dress with cowboy boots, opt for flip flops, gladiator sandals or wedges and use caution when wearing with pumps they just seem too sophisticated for the bohemian look of the maxi dress.

For a great selection of maxi dresses check out www.shopbop.com.

Pair this Juicy Couture maxi dress with yellow bejeweled Mystique flip flips (www.piperlime.com) and colorful Juicy Couture Bangles (www.shop.nordstrom.com).

You can never go wrong with this black strapless maxi dress by Velvet, sleek, slimming and elegant, pair with these purple Seychelles gladiators (www.piperlime.com) and a scattered glass statement making necklace (www.jcrew.com).

Two super cute maxi dresses from Alice + Olivia and Velvet.


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The Grass Is Always Greener

Summer is in full swing and this Plenty by Tracy Reese dress is the embodiment of summer fun. The criss-crossed neckline and full skirt are perfect for flirty summer evenings and the soft green color softly whispers bright, lush, cheer. The ethnic, bohemian print is right on trend and will look equally at home with gladiator sandals, sweet flats or sky high peep toe pumps. Available at www.anthropologie.com.

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Get Your Glow On

We all know tanning is not good for us but we also know that we look better with a bit of sun kissed color when wearing summer’s clothes. So instead of tanning reach for a sunless tanner to get the fresh from the beach or pool look. I am currently reaching for and loving Nivea’s Sun Kissed Beautiful Legs sunless tanner. It is a lightweight moisturizing self tanner that dries quickly and leaves legs soft, smooth and a natural looking tan. It also contains shave minimizers which allows your tan to last longer by minimizing the need to shave so often. It is an all around win win! Available at your local drug store or grocery store.


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Summer Staple

There are certain things that are uniquely summer, flip flops, popsicles, the hum of lawn mowers, the smell of sunscreen mingled with chlorine and denim skirts. I grew up spending summers running around in a denim skirt and still to this day consider it an essential must have for my summer wardrobe.

Denim skirts are perfect for summer because they can be thrown on over a swimsuit or worn with a silk halter and wedges for a late night dinner on the patio. Denim skirts are simple, chic, timeless and versatile not to mention cool and flattering. When the heat is sweltering pants and capris seem too hot and if your legs are not up to par shorts are not a good option but you can always throw on a denim skirt thus hiding your thighs while keeping you cool. I recently added an amazing new skirt to my wardrobe courtesy of True Religion. It’s longer length paired with a raw edge hem and signature True Religion pockets make it oh so hip and casual and sure to become a summer staple. Available at www.truereligionbrandjeans.com.

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Take A Bow

I am in love with this gorgeous black silk blouse from Kate Spade. It is simple yet elegant and oh so chic. Perfect to wear with dark skinny cropped jeans and sweet ballet flats. The wide neck and bow elegantly frame the shoulders and neck, pull back hair, apply red lipstick and add a chunky bracelet to complete the look. It has a certain joie de vivre! Available at www.katespade.com.

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