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Waiting For Sweater Weather

The leaves on the trees are changing to brilliant shades of yellow, red and orange, pumpkins and mums have appeared on porches, stores are stocking their racks full of chic coats and cozy sweaters and temperatures outside are in the balmy 70’s and 80’s. It seems fall is moving forward without it’s signature cold, crisp air and I am stuck looking forlornly at my new tweed blazer and favorite cashmere cardigans as once again I pull on a short sleeve blouse. So while I am waiting on sweater weather I figured I would share some tips on keeping your sweaters looking new longer, courtesy of Shine from Yahoo.
1. Fold never hang your sweaters.

Gravity is not a friend to sweaters as it can pull apart the fibers and alter the shape of your knits over time. Hangers and hooks can especially misshape the sleeves, shoulders, and necklines. Fold your sweaters and store them in wood, canvas, or cardboard containers so they have access to air but not moths. This way you’ll be able to preserve their shape and fresh smell with fewer washes.

2. Take a de-piller to the fabric regularly.

Nothing takes a sweater from chic to shabby like the appearance of “pills,” or tiny fabric balls, that collect on the garment due to friction. Fortunately they can easily be removed by hand or by using an electric shaver or sweater stone, which basically exfoliates the fabric, making it appear smooth and new again. Don’t have any of those? Try a hairbrush (carefully) or a comb!

3. Protect your sweaters from moths.

Moths love to eat wool, the primary material in most sweaters. Luckily, the aroma of cedar is a natural, sweet-smelling deterrent. To prevent these pests from making meals out of your clothes, line your storage areas with cedar wood or throw cedar balls in your drawers.

4. Never wait to do repairs.

Once a button comes loose or a small tear appears in your woven fabric, the garment is at risk of unraveling, or at least for the hole becoming unmanageably large.  Most sweaters come with extra thread for minor repairs, so be sure to patch any holes as soon as possible.

5. Clean infrequently and with care.

Much like denim, sweaters should not be washed after every wear if you want to keep them looking straight-from-the-store new for longer. To keep your sweater from requiring frequent cleanings, wear a cotton shirt underneath it so your body oils don’t come in direct contact with the garment.  Also, some newer washing machine models have settings for wool and delicates, which are gentle enough for the woven fibers of your sweater. But in order to be absolutely sure you won’t shrink or damage your favorite piece, it’s always better to hand wash it or take it to a dry cleaner. To wash by hand, fill the sink with cold water (hot or warm water increases the potential for shrinkage), add a small amount of detergent formulated for delicates, and let the sweater soak. If you need to remove stains, gently rub the sweater against itself until the stain dissolves. When drying, never hang the sweater. Instead lay it on a towel and change its position frequently to ensure it dries evenly.


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Stay Warm, Look Chic

Baby it’s cold outside, wait let me revise that, Baby it’s DAMN cold outside! Old man winter has most of the country in his firm, wintry grip and does not want to let go. Here at home wind chills were hovering in the single digits and we will be lucky if our high makes it out of the 20’s. So, if you have to drag yourself out of your warm, cozy bed and brave the cold, you might as well do it in style!

The key to looking good while staying warm is to invest in a warm coat and boots and then set about layering soft, warm pieces. Natural fiber/fabrics tend to be warmer than synthetics, mother nature is on to something. Start with a silk under layer (cami, tee or blouse), then add a cashmere/wool sweater and top it all off with a coat, scarf and gloves.

A few of my favorite cold-weather must haves:

These cozy Tory Burch sweaters do double duty by being warm and stylish. All sweaters available at www.toryburch.com.

This cashmere/wool blend sweater comes with its own cable knit scarf attached.

You can never go wrong with an elegant cardigan with stylish buttons, easy to wear, easy to layer.

This cashmere dolman sleeve cardigan has a laid-back cool vibe, wear it over a slim fitted turtleneck for extra warmth.

Add a little bling to a cold day with this beaded cashmere blend tunic, it will easily look as great with jeans as with a pair of skinny black pants for evening events.

I am loving these quirky, colorful scarves from Juicy Couture. They will keep you warm while brightening your day. Available at www.neimanmarcus.com.

Ugg boots work wonders at keeping your toes warm so why not let them keep your hands warm with their sheepskin gloves. Available at www.zappos.com.

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Sweater Weather

Happy November! Cold, crisp and blustery days are on the horizon as well as a slew of holiday events. Be prepared with a selection of great sweaters that can do double duty dressed up or down to keep you warm and chic.

A few of my faves:

I totally love these two sweaters by Velvet, they are warm and cozy but their modern, blousey silhouettes and jeweled details keep them far from ho-hum. PS Buy the black chain necklace sweater a tad smaller than shown on the model, I tried it on and it looks better more fitted than shown, normally I wear a medium in Velvet but the small looked better. Both available at www.shopbop.com.

I pretty much love anything by Vince and it is no wonder that I have my sights set on this cashmere shrug cardigan. It is a luxurious basic that will definitely get worn with everything from jeans and tee combos to dressy halter tops and cocktail dresses. Available at www.net-a-porter.com.

I bought this J Crew cashmere v-neck henley in black last year and wore it all the time. It looked equally as cute with comfy black pants and sneakers for running weekend errands, dressy black pants and heels for work and dinner parties and thrown over any pair of jeans. You can totally change its look by varying what you layer underneath, try a ruffled collar blouse, button down shirt or simple tank, plus the v-neck allows you wear a wide variety of necklaces from short to long, statement making or simple. Available in a variety of colors at www.jcrew.com.

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Top Ten Trends for Fall-The Sexy Cardi

The cardigan is cool again for fall especially in cozy cashmere and a longer, sleeker length. Cardigans are the easiest way to layer up for fall and can be found at virtually every price point and store this season. To keep a cardigan from looking frumpy pair it with a laced trimmed cami or ruffly silk blouse and fitted bottoms like leggings, straight leg jeans and pencil skirts. Don’t forget to add a belt to help define your waist.

A few of my faves from Vince, available at www.neimanmarcus.com and www.shopbop.com.

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Meet Vince…The New Man In Your Life

Consider some of fashion’s classics – the Hermes Birkin, the Chanel jacket, Levi’s worn by age – things that defy trends and time, yet are instantly recognizable. Prepare to induct a new name into that storied list: Vince.

Vince is best known as a line of luxe cashmere sweaters popular with celebrities such as Kate Hudson, Renee Zellweger and Catherine Zeta-Jones (who bought the zip up hoody in every color). Vince is famous for its clean, hip styles with just enough edge to make them trendy but still wearable season after season and they use only the finest materials, thus creating the ultimate luxury. They have also added super chic dresses, comfy pants and sophisticated tops to their incredible cashmere sweaters. Vince’s new collection for fall is beyond amazing and all their styles look great with jeans or dress pants. Treat yourself to the luxury of super fine cashmere. Available at www.shopbop.com, www.neimanmarcus.com, www.saksfifthavenue.com and www.eluxury.com.




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Take The Chill Off

I am dreaming of cozy cashmere sweaters, can you tell I love cold weather and fall clothes? I particularly love cashmere and while I have my favorite brands, I am always thrilled to find a new one.

I recently discovered a gorgeous line of cashmere sweaters called b. chyll and what I particularly love about them is that they are extremely simple yet modern and oh so wearable for seasons to come. They look trendy but not so trendy that you couldn’t wear them for as long as they last which, is a good thing when you spend that much money on cashmere. Their cashmere is super soft, lightweight and fluffy, the perfect item to take the chill off on those frosty days! Check out their website at www.bchyll.com and you can shop for them at www.sweater.com.


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