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Walk This Way

Hi hose, hi hose it’s off to work or dinner or drinks we go. Tights, hosiery, stockings or whatever you want to call them are major players for fall and winter and should be used to complete many of your stylish ensembles. But after seasons of bare legs, it can be tricky trying to figure how to wear tights with style. Here are a few tips that can keep your legs looking good while also being warm.

First of all remember sheer nude hosiery is still pretty much a fashion no-no, looking dowdy and frumpy and actually making your legs look thicker and unflattering so stick to darker/opaque tights. Worn in dark colors paired with matching colored shoes they lengthen and slenderize your legs. Wear bright colored tights with caution, they can look amazing when paired with simple, solid pieces like hot pink tights worn with black sweater dress and black booties.

As far as shoes go, pretty much anything goes. Solid opaque tights tend to look a little better with chunky heeled shoes and patterned tights look better with dainty kitten or spike heels. Boots from ankle to thigh high look great with all tights in all colors. Metallic silver shoes looks amazing paired with gray tights. Winterize your peep toes by wearing them with tights, I know this may seem a bit odd but it makes a quirky high fashion look. Look for tights that do not have a toe seam or pull and fold the toe seam under your foot so it does not show from the peep toe.

Have a cocktail party to go to, on a freezing cold night? Stay warm and still fashionable by pairing your cocktail dress with black opaque tights. Many designers and celebrities have worn black tights with their sequin and satin dresses.

Take some time to stock up on a few pairs of great tights, you can’t go wrong with a pair of black opaque tights, a fun patterned pair and add a unique color like gray or bright pink. Check out www.spanx.com and www.jcrew.com for a great selection of tights.



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Why We Can’t Wear White After Labor Day?

Time published an interesting article on the origin of the fashion rule that states that you shouldn’t wear white after labor day. I always abide by the no white after labor day when it comes to bottoms, shoes and purses but never really knew where the rule came from. I avoid white pants, shoes and purses after labor day because I think they look too garish as the weather starts to turn and I am always eager to pull out my darker, heavier fall like attire. It seems most fashion rules have blurred and pretty much anything goes, so I guess it is up to each person to decide if they want to continue wearing white or not. What do you think? Do you wear white after labor day?

Here is the link to Time’s article, it is worth the read. Click Here.

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Let’s Hear It For The Boys

It’s all about the boys, boyfriend jeans, boyfriend sweaters, boyfriend blazers and now you can add the boyfriend watch to your list of must haves items you can steal from the man in your life (as if his razor wasn’t enough).

However, if wearing your actual boyfriend’s watch won’t quite work due to the fact that it would be way too loose and spend all day skating up and down your much smaller arm, you can buy a women’s boyfriend watch that matches his in style and scale but can be altered to better fit you.

Fossil has a great selection of oversized boyfriend watches at reasonably affordable prices. Try on a few to get the right feel and remember it is meant to be worn loose so it mimics what it would look like if you swiped your boyfriend’s watch from his bedside table. Being on time has never looked so good. Watches available at www.fossil.com.

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Fall Preview

Temperatures are rising and summer sales are in full swing which can only mean it is time for fall fashion previews. Stores are working hard to clear their racks of tank tops and frilly slip dresses to make room for cashmere sweaters and wool pants. Neiman Marcus and Net-A-Porter both have great fall previews that are worth a sneak peek to see what you are going to be wanting and wearing for fall. If the heat is getting to you escape to www.neimanmarcus.com and www.net-a-porter.com and revel in all the beautiful clothes designed for cooler days. Happy Browsing!

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In The Nude (Shoes)

Nude or tan shoes were all over the place in Las Vegas, in store windows and on the feet of very fashionable women and have also been popping up on many a celebrity. So what do all these women know that I don’t? Up until now I was always so so on tan shoes, kind of blah and kind of boring but I decided to give them a try and slipped my pedicured toes into a gorgeous pair of nude peep toe Christian Louboutin’s.

I stood up and wandered my way over to a full length mirror and wow I was hooked, I had to have them! They instantly made my legs look longer and sleeker. They also go with everything in my closet especially soft pastel colors that I refuse to wear white shoes with but are too soft for black or dark brown. Nude shoes also look sleek and sophisticated paired with black. If you have not jumped on the nude bandwagon I would highly recommend it, but when shopping for your pair look for styles with a 3 inch or higher heel (it helps lengthen the leg) and peep toes (keeps them from looking stuffy and adds a shot of color when your painted toes peek out). You will be surprised how much you will wear them!

The gorgeous Christian Louboutin’s that changed my mind about nude shoes (the red sole certainly helps). Available at www.footcandyshoes.com.

Ways to wear nude shoes:

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Jumpsuits: Love’Em or Hate’Em

Awhile back I wrote a blog post about high waist jeans (High Waist Jeans: Love’Em or Hate’Em) and I received a huge response from my readers all voicing their opinions and it looks like the jumpsuit/romper/cat suit may be the high waist jean of this season. Jumpsuits, short and long versions, were all over the runways for spring and summer and have since popped up on the pages of every glossy fashion magazine as well as making appearances in retail stores.

My question is, what do you think? Are they cute? Trendy? Will you actually buy one and wear it in public? or Do you think they are silly? 

I suppose I fall into the latter category, as a fashion person I admire designers resurrecting old silhouettes and attempting to make them new and fresh to give shoppers something new to buy and wear, but I actually think they are just silly. They look great on models posing for fashion magazines and trendy celebrities wearing them to get attention but on an everyday person they just look silly. Could you really see a mom going to pick up her kids from school in a jumpsuit paired with a waist cinching belt, sky high heels and large sun hat or a professional woman wearing a jumpsuit to a board meeting asking people to take her seriously? I am not saying these women can’t look trendy and fashionable but a jumpsuit is so not the way to go.

Long jumpsuits have the unfortunate side effect of making your bottom look long and flat and shorter romper jumpsuits come off as very juvenile making them very hard for most people to wear. Plus they making going to the bathroom difficult, if you have ever wrestled in or out of a jumpsuit you know what I am talking about. I think they are going to be a short-lived one hit wonder especially in this economy when people are looking for more value for their money.

Let me know what you think? Love’Em or Hate’Em?

ShopBop has a created a category for jumpsuits and has a large selection:


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Take Flight

Feathers are h-u-g-e for fall, you can see them embellishing everything from dresses to shoes, adding a light, airy and whimsical touch to dark heavy fall items. They are decadent and girly and I highly reccommend adding something feathery to your look this season.

If the thought of wearing clothes with feathers brings back memories of Big Bird, I suggest just adding a bit of feathers in the form of these adorable headbands. Headbands have made a resurgence thanks to the gals on Gossip Girl. Headbands instantly add polish to your look and a feathered headband adds polish and style. Check out these great websites to find cute feather headbands www.alexandani.com, www.plumashop.com, www.saksfifthavenue.com and www.urbanoutfitters.com.

Since I am a such a shoe addict, I found a gorgeous pair of flats embellished with feathers, available at www.jcrew.com.

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Louvre Me Louvre Me Not

Purple is one of the hottest colors for fall but if you feel a bit like Barney when you wear purple, try wearing a rich, dark plummy grape shade on your nails. You get a pop of purple without wearing it from head to toe and dark nail polish is in style again for fall. One of my favorite purple shades is Louvre Me Louvre Me Not from OPI’s La Collection de France, it is a deep, dark, sensuous grape. It will “exhibit” your sense of style!

Tips to keep in mind when wearing dark nail polish: keep your nails short and well shaped, tend to your cuticles, apply a base coat to keep the dark polish from staining your nails and apply a super shiny top coat to make your dark nails glisten.

OPI is available at most local nail salons and beauty stores like Ulta and Beauty Brands.

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Top Ten Trends-The Ankle Boot

Ankle boots are back this fall and bigger than ever. I was a bit resistant to them last season but am totally loving them now, especially when paired with dark tights and skirts or dresses. Ankle boots are meant to be seen and the more interesting details like zippers, rivets, stitching or unique leathers, the better. Ankle boots while looking oh so stylish, they can also shorten the appearance of the leg as opposed to lengthening it it like knee high boots so to avoid short, stumpy calves, pair your ankle boots with dark colored tights that will elongate. Also, keep the hem of your skirt or dress just above the knee to maximize every inch of your legs. Check out www.piperlime.com for a great selection of ankle boots.

Gwenyth Paltrow, Hayden Panetierre and Catherine Zeta Jones sporting ankle boots


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Top Ten Trends for Fall-Fall Florals

It is a rosy outlook for fall! Fall fashion tends to be more moody than spring fashion, but this season designers were not quite ready to let the flowers fade. Don’t be a wallflower for fall; stand out instead by donning a bright, abstract floral print.

Tracy Reese

Michael Kors

Oscar de la Renta

Sari Gueron

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