New Year, New You

Happy New Year! I have never been big on making New Year’s resolutions but this year I am offering a few fashion related resolutions to help make you look and feel beautiful all year long. These are simple, easy things you can do that can make a big difference.

1. Mix Up Your Routine: We all get stuck in a beauty rut, wearing the same colors over and over again. Get out of the rut by buying a new lipstick in a shade lighter or darker than what you normally wear and by adding black eyeliner to your eye makeup routine (if you already wear eyeliner daily try using different colors like, charcoal, brown, purple or navy). These two simple things will perk up your look and polish your face.

2. Take Care Of Your Skin: Get serious about taking care of your skin, wear sunscreen on your face everyday and invest in a good quality anti-aging regimen. Try a wide variety of products until you find the perfect combo. Wash off your makeup every evening before bed.

3. Buy A Great Fitting Pair Of Jeans: If you still haven’t found the perfect pair of jeans, don’t give up! Take your most honest friend to a large department store that carries a wide variety of brands and styles and spend as long as it takes trying on everything. You will find the perfect pair, it just takes kissing a lot of frogs! You can never go wrong with a dark denim, mid-rise bootcut style, universally flattering.

4. Spend The Money On Alterations: It amazes me how many women think that everything they buy should fit them perfectly off the rack. Not True! That is usually not the case, if you love something but it needs a bit of tweeking take it to a good tailor and pay to have it altered so it fits you perfectly. Eventually, your wardrobe will look like it was custom-made for you.

5. Follow Trends To A Degree: Read up on the trends each season but choose wisely which you will invest in, stick to what makes you happy and flatters your figure. Invest in classic, well-fitting pieces and add in less expensive trendy items to look current. Don’t forget, skip a trend altogether if it looks stupid on you, (ie This Spring nudes and neutral colors are everywhere but look very bad on my pale skin, so as much as I love them, they will have no place in my closet).

Happy Fashionable New Year!



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