A Girl Can Dream

Hasn’t every girl dreamed of living in a castle? The minute you hear the story of Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel or any other fairy tale for that matter, you become convinced that you too will someday be swept off your feet by Prince Charming and taken to live in his castle. Sadly, as you grow up you realize how unlikely that is, especially if you live in the United States where there are just not very many castles, lots of McMansions, but few true, dreamy, fairy tale castles and even fewer Prince Charmings!

Well, an actual bona fide castle has gone on the market and it could be yours for the cool price of $15 million, chump change (I wish!). The Searles Castle has towered over Great Barrington, Massachusetts for 120 years. It’s resplendent 60,000 square feet houses 40 rooms, 36 fireplaces, a dungeon which would make an awesome wine cellar, marble carvings and floors and 7 turrets. It sits on 61 sprawling acres and also has a lagoon, tennis courts and an expansive garden.

I know this has nothing to do with fashion, but it was just too gorgeous not to share, perfect for any aspiring kings and queens. A girl can always keep dreaming! Read all about it at www.cnn.com. To see more pics of the Searles Castle, click here.


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