Cheap Trick – 5 Must Haves

You can still look fab in these trying economic times by keeping an eye out for stylish, yet expensive items that look more expensive than they are. One of my favorite shops on the web for this is It is chocked full of trendy, inexpensive items that will breathe new life into last year’s fall wardrobe. Here are my 5 favorite must haves.

1980’s Boyfriend Blazers are huge this season and very versatile, wear with jeans or over a cocktail dress, and with the price ($52) of this one you can afford to indulge in other trends.

Dare I say it? Yes I think I will, the holidays are just around the corner as well as the crush of party invites. This black drapey lace trimmed dress is elegant yet modern and will look great dressed up with sparkly bangles and sky high stilettos or dressed down with leggings and booties. It will also look great with the above blazer thrown over it. Plus it’s mouth dropping price of $38 will leave enough for you to buy presents. Did I mention that the drapey fabric will also hide any signs of holiday overeating.

Long over lean is a big silhouette this season and this $37 dress/tunic looks way more expensive than it is thanks in part to its unique details and high style quotient. Wear it paired with dark tights and boots and it’s casual elegance and tunic length will complement leggings and skinny jeans too.

Turn heads in this $42 satin ruffled party top. They won’t have any idea how much money you saved when they see you wearing it paired with black skinny pants and bejeweled heels.

Jewelry can always add newness to anything in your closet. This $28 necklace looks like it was found in an out of the way antique store or dug out from a treasure trove of vintage clothing and accessories.


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