Leggings For All

I work part-time at a clothing store (because I am a glutton for punishment and actually miss retail) and yesterday while I was working I had an older woman (late 50’s early 60’s) ask me if we carried the leggings I was wearing. Lucky for me I was actually wearing a cropped lace trimmed pair from the store, I had paired them with a Michael Stars loose tank dress, a Splendid long, drapey cardigan and jeweled flip flops. It was a very comfy, very casual yet still trendy look.

After showing this customer the leggings she made the comment that she was probably too old to wear leggings. Which I found to be shocking because I believe that no one is too old to wear leggings. If worn properly anyone and everyone can wear them, no matter your age or shape.

Yes, they are form fitting which can be a bit tricky when compared to pants but they look great when worn under skirts, dresses, tunics and long belted sweaters and jackets. Just keep in mind they are snug on the bottom but as long as you keep the bottom covered they are less revealing than wearing a knee length skirt and a dark black pair can elongate and slim the look of your legs.

Keep these four rules in mind when buying and wearing leggings and remember anyone can wear leggings:

1. Thick, unshiny fabrics like double knits don’t show bulges.

2. Layering is crucial. Think of leggings as tights rather than pants; put them under skirts, dresses, or tunics.

3. Longer tops (at least to midthigh) camouflage tush, stomach, and hips.

4. Leggings can look tacky with the wrong footwear. I prefer flats, boots, or a low heel.

Great examples of how to wear leggings for all ages:

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