Just Say No

Okay sometimes fashion just goes too far beyond the realms of good taste and what is even sadder is that they separate hard earned dollars from the consumer we all love to call “the fashion victim”. These fashion victims really don’t know the line between good taste and fashion and often cross the line just because they see a celebrity or model wearing the item of bad taste.

Just such an item flitted across my computer screen the other day when I opened my Daily Candy e-mail. What I saw was just so beyond words, I thought it was a joke, but sadly no, it is not a joke and they are actually trying to sell these awful items to poor consumers. These awful items take the shape of black latex leggings, what could be more tacky, unflattering and totally uncomfortable than rubber leggings! Enough is enough fashion designers, we get the whole art is fashion thing, but we still have to wear our clothes out in public not just on a runaway!

So please for your sake and others who have to look at you, please just say no to rubber leggings, they do not and will not look good on anyone! What do you think? Drop me a comment and let me know your thoughts!

Hideous Black Latex Leggings available at: www.shopintuition.com.


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8 responses to “Just Say No

  1. OMG, that looks like fetish gear, ewwww!

  2. It’s for the brave and the thin…the very, very thin who also will pair it with a long shirt. Otherwise I think a vicious camel toe is pretty much a guaranteed side effect of wearing these.

  3. Leah Shnackenberg

    I disagree, I think that rubber leggings are sexy and comfortable, I wear mine in public all the time and I just love them. So I have to say yes to sexy rubber leggings. Please write a comment, I will visit soon. K bi !

  4. Leah Shnackenberg

    I do not know what to think about these “hideous rubber leggings”, but i really would like to find out. I think that they look sexy and comfortable, i really am dying to get my hands on a pair.

  5. clotheshorseok

    To each their own!

  6. FooledYou

    There are a lot of spandex like leggings being sold under the name “rubber”. These look like such leggings. Real rubber has its share of difficulties (and benefits) for the wearer and may never become main stream, but it has its place. Even if you are not a fan.

  7. P.S. It is a common misconception that Leggings= Camel toe. THIS IS NOT IN THE SLIGHTEST BIT TRUE! No matter your size or shape camel toes can very easily be avoided if you wear your leggings the right way. The biggest no no is to just yank them on straight away pulled up higher than your navel and then no matter how thin you are you’ll get bunching and all sorts of nasty effects. HOWEVER if you take a about two seconds longer and adjust the waistband down a cm or so, so that the crotch is at a level where you can stand with your legs together bunch and camel toe free!


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