Well Made

While on vacation a few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of shopping in a Madewell store. Madewell is J Crew’s latest spin off that opened a little over a year ago. Their intent was to create a smaller, well edited line of must have basics which centered around great denim. All of their looks and styles are trendy but still very accessible and wearable. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I walked in because unfortunately you can not shop from their website, all sales are made through phone orders or at the stores.

Since the line is focused on denim I decided I better try a few pairs on and see if they lived up to the hype. I had the salesperson help me pick out a few styles to try and while she was putting them in a dressing room I was drawn to the racks of super soft colorful tees and immediately started grabbing one of each style and color to try.

I loved every pair of jeans I tried on, the fit and fabric was amazing! You could tell the designers spent a tremendous amount of time getting it right. I would recommend trying a pair of the Rail Straight jeans, the skinny leg is elongating and they sit at the perfect spot on your waist and hips without gaping.

The t-shirts were also wonderful, long in length with flattering necklines and the sleeves were the perfect length, they hit mid upper arm, which is so much more slimming that those silly tees that barely cover your shoulders and make all arms look chunky. They were definitely buy in bulk, wear all the time kind of tees.

Madewell is well worth making a trip to and if you do not have one in your city, visit one that does and make friends with the salesperson so you can call her and have her send you new stuff! Madewell reminds me of what Gap used to be, the perfect spot to fill in the holes in your closet! Check out their website at www.madewell1937.com.






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